Critical Infrastructure Automation + Cybersecurity

Patented Payload Layer Security (PLS) delivers trusted control and data from remote equipment for military, sovereign and commercial customers worldwide.

Uninterruptible Data Center Power

Battery banks ensure data center operations during unplanned power outages – bridging the full load of critical IT infrastructure until generators can spin up. Predicting reliability and load durations are mission critical.

Civic Wells and Water Infrastructure

Efficient pump management and water demand measurement are the key performance indicators of reliable service to civic and agricultural customers.

Fuel and Gas Storage Tanks and Distribution

Fuel and gas storage can be stationary or mobile – increasing the challenge of tracking supply while monitoring for leaks and shortages.

Remote Signage Content and Control

Digital displays exhibit dynamic content where and when it is needed most. From ads to emergency alerts, Vitro delivers content with patented proof of display.

Telecom Power and Switch Gear Infrastructure

Telecom towers and remote IT infrastructure converts AC power to DC – the digital fuel that operates critical switch gear and radio hardware billions of people rely on all over the world.

Secure Web3 Micro-Transactions

WEB3 centers transactions on the customer controlling purchases. Instead of paying a machine, the machine is instructed to provide products and services from the cloud – after the customer approves the transaction online.

Custom Programming and Analog Equipment Support

Legacy data migration and analog equipment data in the cloud builds new value and utility from existing infrastructure. Contact us to learn how Vitro can help Agencies, OEMs and operators leverage modern cloud platforms to maximize automation efficiencies.


Vitro has graduated from the top commercial and military programs that refine raw technology into products and services


Vitro has been mentored by experts in the advancement of cybersecurity and trusted automation


Vitro has served military, sovereign and commercial customers across the world

Vitro Team

Led by experienced online and security professionals.

David H. Goodman

Founder & CEO

David is a serial entrepreneur, with a history of launching, growing, and operating hardware/SaaS startups.

Creighton Beery

VP Business Development

Creighton is focused on solving critical infrastructure security for DoD, USAF and commercial customers.

Irwin Bransky

VP Operations

Irwin has decades of experience in the manufacture and distribution of products and online SaaS services.

Peter Krol

Security Architect

Peter worked at Intel for 7 years, and now consults for Vitro, Microsoft and Google on embedded security

Michael Eliasz

Hardware Architect

Michał worked at Flex, Nokia and Marvel designing HW for applications from Telecom to Space

Ruben Crispino

Embedded-SaaS Architect

Ruben obtain received his Ph.D. on signal processing and sensing for low power embedded systems

Rafal Janicki

DevOps Lead

Rafal is a top AWS DevOps expert with Terraform deployment experience for rapid scaling

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